Bag Embossing and Gusseting Machine

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For the embossing and gusseting of a variety of plastic bags, t-shirt bags, flat bags and more

Raw Materials

HDPE, LDPE and more


The DIPO bag embossing and gusseting machine is the best choice to enhance your bag making production. Equipped with an edge position controller accuracy is ensured. The unwinder uses an air shaft system for material loading convenience. The speed is variable and up to 60 meters per minute for high production capacities. Gusseting quality is guaranteed with this machine and is not affected by air pressure variation. The gusseting depth is adjustable from 25-75mm.
Safety features have been implemented with an emergency stop wire, so if an abnormal situation occurs, the operator can simply pull the wire to stop the machine immediately.
The main feature of this machine is that it is specially designed to provide a superior knurling effect for the best embossing operations.

The unwinder is by air shaft for maximum convenience of material loading.

Main speed by variable speed and maximum speed can reach 60 meters per minute providing high production capacity.

Guaranteed gusseting quality without being affected by air pressure variation. Gusseting depth is adjustable, ranging 25-75mm.

The machine is equipped with an emergency stop wire. If an abnormal situation occurs, the operator can simply pull this wire for stop the machine immediately.

The specially designed machine structure combined with outstanding control system assures superior embossing operations.

The unwinder is equipped with an edge position controller.

Model PRN-600 PRN-800
(M / Min)
10-40 10-40
450-600 450-800
80mm-150mm 80mm-150mm
Bag Thickness
0.1-0.4 0.1-0.4