Automatic Bottle Shape Bag Making Machine


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100% No leaking Sealing Bag

Raw Materials

Biodegradable Material, HDPE, LDPE


This machine is specially designed for processing biodegradable material. Because of its specialization, production is stable and optimized resulting in less waste. Using a newly designed of servo system to get the most efficient production. It’s available to feed flat-film and C-folded film, with edge positioned controller and trimming device, waste process device to make bags with precise size. There’s also pre-open device to make the bags easy-open when producing C-folded film. In addition, the whole machine is equipped with security door to prevent touching accidently of operators.

Model CA-201SA
Max. Cutting Width 300mm * 1 Line
Max. Cutting Length 250mm * 1 Line
Bag Thickness 0.01~0.02mm (Single Layer)
Output 20~40 cycle/min.