2019 PROPAK Nigeria Plastic Machinery Exhibition

  •  2019-09-19
  •  Exhibition
DIPO Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.2019 PROPAK Nigeria Plastic Machinery Exhibition

"Environmental protection" has planted seeds in the journey of civilization around the world. Under the solution of environmental protection issues all over the world, Dipo Plastic Machinery has been working hard for more than 20 years. In the birth of new raw materials such as PLA 'corn' calcium carbonate 'potato' and sugar cane, Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory also participated in the research. And design. The characteristics of various raw materials require different mechanical structure design - adjustment - integration - re-development - retest - re-adjustment, which requires a lot of integration - communication - coordination - time. This is also the strength of Dipo Plastic Machinery - "R&D Customized Machinery", which also allows Dipo Plastic Machinery to have numerous experience in the production of environmentally friendly raw materials.

The environmental protection needs from Africa have given Dipo Plastic Machinery a new idea and direction. Innovatively developed raw materials for environmental protection come from economic crop products, which have a great impact on Africa and survival (hunger). Whether environmentally friendly raw materials and people's education (recycling classification concept) are another level of "environmental protection". For the earth, Dipo Plastic Machinery must continue to work hard to develop research and growth.

Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory 2019 PROPAK in Nigeria
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