2019 PROPAK Nigeria Plastic Machinery Exhibition

  •  2019-09-20
  •  Exhibition
DIPO Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.2019 PROPAK Nigeria Plastic Machinery Exhibition
​DAY 3
The owners of the plastic bag factories from the cities outside the exhibition city of Lagos learned that the plastic and plastic machinery factory exhibited high-quality nylon bag making machines, and they rushed to the plastic exhibition site on the last day to actually understand the plastic bags exhibited by Dipo Plastic Machinery. Making Machine.

Lagos is a major commercial city in Nigeria, surrounded by industrial cities and a plastics industrial city specializing in the plastics industry. With the stabilization of power, the booming industry, and the increase in manpower demand, the salary has changed with the adjustment, so that the professional research and development of fully automatic bag making machine Dipo plastic machinery. During the exhibition period, there were countless bag making process solutions, sharing and taking out the experience of the actual automatic bag making process of Dipo Plastic Machinery in the plastic bag making factories of various countries.

In order to enhance and better understand the localization needs of the nylon bag making factory, the Dipo Plastic Machinery Exhibition will visit various factories in the field and look forward to face-to-face communication with the nylon bag making factory in Nigeria.

Dipo Plastic Machinery has a service office in Nigeria to provide faster service to customers. You are always welcome to learn more about the nylon bag making machine of Dipo Plastic Machinery Factory."