Dipo Plastic Machinery Co., LTD got recognition from our Indonesian customer

  •  2022-04-21

Although the customs and quarantine methods have become more rigorous due to the epidemic, it caused most countries cannot enter and exit freely. When Dipo design the machines, we tend to upgrade the function and quality of bag making machine, at meantime, we also make the operation easier to run, in that case, when our customers receive our new machine, they can easily install it, and get ready to produce.

Drones, autonomous cars, self-service stores and the E-gates are all around our daily life. Unmanned technology is getting to replace human power. In this case, Dipo Plastic Machinery is committed to develop and design automatically machines to reduce the cost and improve the productivity for our customers. KDP-328HS+4AP automatic t-shirt bag making machine & packing machine brings more efficiency and higher quality to produce plastic bags.

KDP-328HS+4AP, automatic t-shirt bag making machine & packing machine is very well received by our customers. Send your inquiry to learn more information of this 200cycle/min. high speed making machine now.