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  •  2021-08-09
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DIPO Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.Are you vaccinated?
After the first Covid-19 dose got vaccinated from United Kingdom since last December, there are more than 200 countries starting to get the vaccines all over the world. The total vaccinated rate is already over 3.6 billion. When the first vaccinated rate over 30%~40% in the UK and the US, the government made a decision to release the policies gradually and allow people take off their masks.

However, the variant virus Delta makes the epidemic back in the world. Even though many countries already got their first dose, yet since the vaccine supply is unstable, other unpredictable situations, and the prevention of different vaccinations to the variant virus, the experts begin to discuss the safety and effectiveness of mixing vaccines.

The fully automatic glove making machine of Dipo Plastic Machinery Co., LTD is available for HDPE, LDPE, CPE, Biodegradable material production. Under the situation of shortage of medical material, we provide the solution to reduce the risk to touch directly.
Automatic Glove Making Machine (HDPE)

During the epidemic, Dipo Plastic Machinery Co., LTD still work hard for our precious clients, we accept machine consult and inquiry, spare parts and machine orders and delivery, troubleshooting of machine problems online. To make our clients have the rapidest and most convenience services under the epidemic.

Wear a mask and wash your hands frequently! Dipo Plastic Machinery Co., LTD will keep providing service for you timely.