Hand Bag Making Machine

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  •  2018-09-06
  •  Our Performance
DIPO Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.Hand Bag Making Machine

Find more info a Hand bag making machine from Taiwan is suitable for making a wide variety of items including:
- T-shirt bags 
- Hand bags
- Shopping bags 
- Printed bags

Main features of our Hand bag making machine:
1. Our Hand bag making machine is equipped with servo motor for controlling bag length. The Servo motor brand is Teco, Taiwan. 

2. The inverter is installed on the Hand bag making machine for controlling the speed, reducing electrical consumption and making the machine easy to operate.

3. Equipped with Cold knife cutting design. The cutting blades of the Hand bag making machine are all made from SKH3 material.

4. DIPO Hand bag making machine is equipped with four sets of sealing bars, two sets with single sealing line for making bottom sealed bags (open top bags), the other two sets with two sealing lines (to seal the bag on top & bottom) for making semi-finished t-shirt bags. The seal bar of our Hand bag making machine can be easily be changed to produce shopping bags and plain bags, making this a wise investment for many different manufacturers. 

5. Our machine is also installed with a photocell (SICK) for accurate marking of film printing points. ( Optional )

6. Our Hand bag making machine has a system that ensures continuous production and has also been fitted with an auto stopping alarm device that stops the machine when the film roll is empty.

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