2019 K SHOW Day2

  •  2019-10-18
  •  Exhibition
DIPO Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.2019 K SHOW Day2
"The plastics industry from the middle and lower reaches all over the world gather together to discuss the common topic ""Environmental Protection""

""Plastic"" products extend a wide range of products and human life, plastic bags, plastic buckets, plastic watches, plastic medical drip bags, plastic food packaging bags, plastic car gear levers, plastic mats, plastic tableware, plastic glasses frames, plastic chairs, plastic crash barriers, plastic glass, plastic mobile phone cases, plastic toys, etc. They allow environmental issues to be discussed around the world. <Alternative Plastics>--PLA corn starch, sugar cane, etc. Economic crops will be widely used.

In response to the <alternative plastics> plastic machinery industry must also improve the resilience, <alternative plastics> has great plasticity, and may also produce a variety of <alternative plastics> raw material characteristics. This also echoes the trend of plastic mechanical structure design will be diversified.
Is recycling awareness important?
Is plastic classification knowledge necessary?
How to recycle composite materials?

""Alternative plastic"" Is it environmentally friendly? Can it be recycled? Can it be classified? Does it coexist with hunger?

2019 K SHOW Dusseldorf Welcome You !"